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. about -- looking at it another way, we've accumulated more debt during the obama years than all the presidents from george washington to george bush. this is an alarming statistic. further evidence of what we're leaving behind for the youngest generation. so when you do something like raise the debt ceiling it's not been uncommon going back to the 12950s for there to be significant reforms attached to it. frequent they happens with a continuing resolution. we think it's alarming that america now has a debt that makes us look like a western european country and we think we ought to use these occasions to generate a discussion about it and see what we can get the administration to agree with. >> ifill: but did republicans hurt themselves in making the kind of arguments you're laying out here for the long run because of the shutdown? because of a strategy which was about defunding, delaying obamacare that you lost? >> well, that was the strategy that obviously was not going to work. i said publicly as early as july it wasn't going to work and it didn't. and that's why there won't b
handled on a state to state basis. president obama, for two years, has been working on a plan to get more coordination. go ahead. >> i was going to say on that point, clearly, the white house prefers to talk about this rather than the problems with the web seat. and some sceptics are going to say why is he focusing on jobs now? is it his attempt to wag the dog or change the topics in >> well, del, i'm sure that his critics would say that this has been in the planning for two years. you can't just go into three or four months, and get people who run wal-mart, but what the business leaders are talking about. the u.s. really needs to focus on its instruct. therit's strength. there has been a lot of talk of what's wrong with the economy. spending $250 million in ten american universities to rebuild their chemistry departments. they're pointing out that there are 600,000 jobs going wanting right now in the country, jobs in technology and engineering and math, but they can't find people in america who can do them, so there needs to be more emphasis on getting americans ready for the jobs that a
. barack obama came in second. he took the top spot last year and the year before. "forbes" says obama's lame duck period has set in earlier than usual for a two-term president while putin has solidified his control at home. the magazine says russia's role in averting u.s. military action against syria is an example
. that is just a handful of the at least 24 times that president obama repeated the line of the year, it would be years. it was not just president obama. no, no. a number of top democrats as well as guilty of parodying the president's talking points and pledged including senate majority leader harry reid, senator dick durbin, senate budget committee chair, hard work right now on a budget, and house minority leader nancy pelosi. house minority whip thomas to any lawyer. and four years later, democrats seemed to distance themselves far enough from obamacare. well, we will call it a bomb scare. halloween. why not. senate democrats are calling for an extension of obamacare is open to the enrollment for a delay in the individual mandate. you can keep their current health care plan. according to forbes magazine as far back as 2010 federal officials estimated 93 million americans would lose their health plans under obamacare. to the credit of each of those senators who once went along with the allied, mr. pritchett -- misrepresentation, misstatement, are adjusting to new facts that were denied them b
and a man. the woman pays $18,000 more a year and a man $10,000 more. they both voted for barack obama. they are not happy with him. >> so we have the her tanl foundation known for impartiality as is the manhattan institute. i have never seen people who call it down the line like these organizations. then we have two people in america and, wow, bowl me over. >> i guess the only thing, tucker, as i listen to james, james is a guy that must have a picture of obama hanging over the man tell and he lights candles because he's chanting in his mind "yes, we can." le the truth is the truth. america is experiencing rate shock, losing coverage and the president's promises have been debunked and the washington post gave him four pinocchios for lies. >> james is a more sensible man. in his heart he's probably thinking i can't believe it's fallen to me to defend this disaster. this is just a snapshot in time. this is not going to work. i don't think the administration thinks it will work. you are hearing honest ones saying, why not expantd medicare and medicaid in the first place. i bet my car in
graham is threatening to block obama's pick for the fed after last year's terrorist conflict in benghazi. he said he'll hold up the nomination of janet yellen to force the government to talk with survivors. they say it could put their safety and criminal investigations at risk. >> and pretty soon you'll have to be just as old to buy a cigarette as you do to buy a beer in new york city. the city council voted last night to raise the age to buy tobacco including e-cigarettes to 21. new jersey and hawaii are considering a similar bill. anne-marie? >> when dill gillette at the new york stock change. thank you, wendy. >>> coming up on the "morning news," new-spying allegations against the pope and popular providers. >> plus airline passengers find themselves stranded in a remote alaskan town after making an emergency landing. this is the "cbs morning news." emote alaskan town after making an emergency landing. this is the "cbs morning news." i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. and better is
with the liberals and the obama administration part three and a half years ago. a path to the insurance company. i think it is a mistake to emphasizes once if the economy. human lives are a stake. i can name of harmelin in california who has over a million dollars in medical expenses as a result of states for cancer. she is not been able to buy new insurance on the california exchange which is supposed to work. so people will buy as a result of this. lou: indeed. the fact of the matter is, if we do not deal with all of these issues right now. by the way, i don't see a gray stomach on the part of the president's faugh -- agnon's they have got -- they have got to do something. we are coming back with the "a-team" in just moments. angry ivy league letter will -- liberals. why was he there? we will take that up next. ♪ so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh
of the year, you can have another 12 months of coverage without the extra costly obama care addons to your insurance plan. >> that's it. then they have to move to obama care and their old plan will go away. it's a 11 month retreat. >> after that people can keep plans that are grandfathered with few changes since 2010 and those that dwindle by next year spite of the president's assurances. >> you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan. i could keep my insurance just a high deductible plan. >> in the meantime, 15 million in the individual market can avoid the more expensive obama care requirements by extending existing plans. some evidence suggests many are doing just that. >> one executive i talked to told me in one week in his call center by a ratio of 15 to 1 policy holders were taking the renewalle extensions instead of opting to obama care. >> the person we recently profile of louisville, kentucky got a letter recently offering him the ability to change the policy year. the letter said he could keep the current insurance and establish your policy year december 2014. you
the obama administration is reportedly spending $684 million a year on publish police the marketing, and twicing much of it parsed out to states for their own ad campaigns. [♪ singing ] >> reporter: the anti-obamacare camp is using the same tactic. the group generation opportunity which has received $5 million from the conservative billionaire koch brothers, $750,000 was earmarked for anti-obamacare initiative produced "creepy uncle sam" generating 3 million views on youtube and urge young people to opposite out of obamacare saying it's cheaper to buy private plans or pay a fine. generation opportunity, they're hoping to woo their audience away from obamacare and force a repeal of the law. >> telling washington they can do better than obamacare. >> reporter: both sides have their work cut out for them. a recent gallop pol gallup poll showed 69% of 18 to 35 years olds did not know that they had to buy insurance. it's unclear who is winning the information war. but for or against the videos are raising awareness. >> the negative one makes me want to say, hey, wait a second. i want t
is me linda hague for those of you who don't know me. i was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to speak with you about it. the origin is that as the united states attorney, the administration wants me, wants all the united states attorneys, to go out into the community. it's actually a very different role for the united states attorney is envisioned by this administration. this administration, the president, attorney general holder, they want the u.s. attorneys to go out into the attorney to talk to the c
design both obama care and romney care. jonathan, thanks very much for coming in. >> good to be here, wolf. >> what do you make of what we just heard from tom, at the time three, four years ago when you were coming up with obama care, with all these ideas, did you realize that in some of these states, there would be only one or two insurance companies competing for the folks' business? >> yeah, i think there's two issues we have to keep in mind. the first issue is to remember that we're comparing the world after obama care to the world before. it's not like obama care's chasing insurers out. these are just markets that didn't have many insurers to choose from before and there hasn't been a lot of entry in recent times since the law has passed. but the second thing to keep in mind is the law is brand new. in massachusetts, after a law had been in place for two years, we had a major new entrant that really shook up the insurance market. you don't need a whole lot of new entrants to shake up a market. you don't need 16 choices. you don't need 12 choices. it's nice to have that many but
waists. this is the same company that president obama was praising three years ago announcing a $2 billion investment in green energy project. >> halloween ranks as one of the spook iest spending seasons. how much we expect to be scared out of american wallets this year. diane from fox business network. >> we all know that gift giving who will days like christmas and hanukkah can be expensive ones for the american consumer. you might be surprised to hear how much we spend for halloween? the national retail federation puts the total at $6.9 billion for 2013 with adults spending average of $75 las each nearly a 55 percent increase from 2005. what are we spending the money on? chocolate. they clock in at $510 million. m&m sales 105 million and sneaker sales at 554 million. costumes on average run almost $30 each. don't forget your pet. the nrf says they will dress up the pets for $320 million. study projections are down slightly. spending is increasingly going for adults rather than children. but everyone is a kid at halloween, right? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. 46 minutes after the top
that wouldn't know about things like this. >> reporter: according to the associated press, the obama administration is reportedly spending $684 million a year on pup i willsty, marketing and advertising, much of it parsed out to states for their ad campaigns. ♪ >> reporter: the anti-obamacare camp is using the same tactic. the group generation opportunity which has received $5 million, $750,000 of which was earmarked for anti-obamacare initiatives featured creepy uncle sam. the videos urge young people to opt out of obamacare. americans for prosperity a free market advocacy group has also posted anti-obamacare videos online. like generation opportunity, they are hoping to wu their audience away from obamacare and ultimately repeal the law. both sides have their work cut out for them. a recent gallup poll showed 69% of 18 to 29 year olds didn't even know they had to buy insurance. it is unclear who is winning the information war, but for or against, the videos are raising awareness. >>> today the senate committee is holding another hearings concerning background checks on contractor
of the things in obama care is that for the elderly, every five years you must have end of life counseling. translation, suicide counseling. not much different than that friend that left behind in cuba. governing just like a dictator like fidel castro. >> this is vile stuff. so why should anyone care what a senator's father says or thinks? because rafael cruz himself is a rising star in the gop. a tea party hero who is a prime example of how extreme and hateful towards president obama the right wing has become. he does joint interviews with his son. they speak at the same anti-obama care events. they get the same adoring treatment from right wing talkers. and the senior mr. cruz even gets shoutouts from other far right senators. >> by the way, i see my friend rafael cruz here this morning. thank you, sir, for sending a great son to washington. >> rafael cruz does a lot more than just follow his son's career. the conservative national review says he is, quote, not merely a confidant and a stand-in, but a special envoy. senator cruz uses his father for the kind of guidance you'd expect from
'll refer to the team as washington. other newspapers have stopped using the name years ago. and despite pressure from president obama the team's owner says they have no plans to change the name. >>> it really happened tonight. some eye popping highlights from the warriors. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. >>> let's go to the newsroom. as a lifelong warrior fan i'm not sure what i saw. >> opening night at oracle arena tonight and the warriors definitely did not disappoint. they decided to set a franchise record. opening up the season against the lakers. kobe bryant out. second quarter, he had 27 points in the first half. and andre, warriors up. a tough jumper, check this one out. 38 points. i can confirm that. largest opening night win in franchise history. >> i'm passing him the ball every tim
. >>> welcome back. live to "the kudlow report." here's some of the top developing news stories on obama care tonight. it's possible that a year from now, that 156 million americans with employer health coverage, 93 million of them could be facing cancelations and forced on to the exchanges and medic d medicaid. more on that in just a moment. >>> we also have a major business angle to the obama care debacle. some major players in health insurance are opting out of the exchanges. or so we think. frankly, there may be good reason for it. just doesn't make good free market profitable sense. and senator ron johnson, joining us in just a couple of moments, he's putting together a bill that truly will allow you to keep the health plan you like but are being killed by obama care. even senate democrat mary landrieu appears to be putting a similar bill together. now, back with us to talk about all this, bob, dr. scott and ovki roy. can i just talk about, ovik, i think this was your story. the 93 million uninsured. in other words, let me get this right. for the viewers and myself. the same strictures
. this what is the voting was. obama's been on top three out of the five years we've done it. president of china was on top one year. there are lots of interesting stories on this list outside of the top ten. these are not all good people. the billionaire drug dealer is on the list, alchapa. dictator of north korea is on the list. to the point people who are less accountable, obama is accountable to an electorate. even president of china is to some degree accountable to the communist party. putin's manipulated the russian political system that he could stay in power until 2024. and you may say it's a tdeclinig power, but major energy state. >> that's all they've got. they don't really have a proper economy because he's ruined the possible foundations of such an economy. >> andrew, what do you really think about this list? >> i get that andrew doesn't like the list very much. >> i entered a weekly magazine for five years and somehow managed to never do this lazy trawling list stuff. >> come on. come on. >> 250 magazines with no lists. >> no lists? i'll bet you did a lot of intellectual t
obama is at number two this year followed by the leader of china, pope francis, germany's chancellor as well. the rest of the top ten, bill gates, ben bernanke, saudi arabia's king ab abdul, leader of the central bank. >> were you surprised that vladimir putin is number one? >> sells magazines. >> any magazine that does a list i'm always skeptical of. >> it every magazine does a list. >> this what is they call on the internet trawling. that is what they do. trawling. it's preposterous. >> do you think it's preposterous? >> it's also preposterous the pope is at number four. he doesn't have power, just moral authority. how many divisions does the pope have? >> first of all, you are a very bad catholic tonight because he can damn the rest of the list to hell. so that to me is power. >> he isn't damning anyone to hell. >> i think the pope should be number one. this man has single-handedly done more to save the church in recent times and to change the perception of the church than anyone in my lifetime. >> you won't get any argument on that. >> that makes him the most powerful man in the
. he had better luck in massachusetts like obama care for the last seven years. he underscored the similarities and addressed criticism that he oversold the aspects and acknowledged that the website was a mess. >> there is no denying it. the website is too slow and too many people have gotten stuck and i'm not happy about it. neither are a lot of americans who need health care and they are trying to figure out how they can sign up as quickly as possible. trs no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> that was only part of what he said. jim acosta joins us with details. >> the white house billed the speech as a romney care comparison and i chance for the president to do damage control. >> that's right. you did hear the president talk about that a little bit and he said under romney care and the health care plan in massachusetts, only 100 people signed up and this is similar to what's happening with the obama health care law. this was all about damage control. you heard the president say tha
will explore my options and see what i can do next year. >> the magic date might be december 1st. obama administration says this will all be working as of november 30th. try december 1st. >> thanks. >> good luck. next guest force president obama to stick to his promise. what is he doing? you will find out next. >> warning going out to trick or treaters in one neighborhood. a woman says she will not be handing out children she think are overweight. instead she will send them home with a letter to their parents the letter reads your child is in my opinion moderately obese -- my hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits. so why is this woman doing this? well, here is what she told a local radio station. >> i just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's really irresponsible of parents to sort of send them out, looking for free candy just because all of the other kids are doing it. >> now you be the judge. is this woman helping neighborhood kids or
3 1/2 years of a concerted campaign to defund, to derail, to repeal obama care, get over it. help us. >> they can't. congresswoman jan schakowsky. good to have you on "the ed show." appreciate your time tonight. >>> coming up, scott walker's new book and the thin red line between fact and fiction. >>> plus the original bad seed of the cruz -- ted's father goes on a racist rant against the president. >>> but next, i'm taking your questions. "ask ed live" is just ahead. stay with us. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back
year. 97 wins. >> and you are making good on the loss. >>> president obama's approval rating taking a big hit. >> i am alisyn camerota, two new polls tell the story today. the last 1 from wall street, nbc news shoes a five- point drop to a new low of 42 percent. that jives with the recent fox news polls. it shoes a disapproval rating higher than 50 percent. tom, is this all obama care related? >> hard to pinpoint. as the news stories came out and talking about middle class sticker shock and people dropped from their policies, you have to think that that is contributing to it. both of the polls were taken friday through monday and the fox news poll was earlier than that. we haven't seen the public reaction to what happen this week with the president in boston and kathleen sebelius' testimony. i expect we'll see more coming out as we get more data. >> tom, are americans more upset that the website doesn't work and riddled with glitches or that the president broke the promise. famous saying if you like your health care, you can keep it? >> the polls are more to the first act. healthcar
to obama care and the political class that created it is historic. 40 years from now, the millennials who in 2008 and 2012 believed in and voted for the progressive ideal, limitless, mandated, state-led goodness, can tell their grandchildren. is this republican's poster for no more government we need less government? >> this is the case study for the philosophical argument that republicans made in the mid-terms that the philosophical divide in this country is over whether government should being a greater and bigger and more involved in our lives, or whether government should stay out of our lives. i think what the republican party needs desparately effective messengers. >> so, harold what's the democratic pivot now? >> obviously we're past the bad website and harbinger of things to come. what do you do now to kind of safe at least the core of this thing? >> i think you do two thing. you facilitate to fix this. i felt bad for my greend kathleen sebelius. she did as good of a job as she could. you have to fix the website and offer a real plan. do you that and you begin to move away from so
for the needy should have higher appeal. >> president obama gave mitt romney more than 70% of its vote last year. it's been voting for republicans since 1996. >> this is how we set up the store. >> they include a democrat who runs her own charity that packs free lunches for hundreds of local schoolkids. she says the hunger is genuine but is worse because of reliance on welfare payments. >> 40-45" of people don't work with families. a lot of parents are on drugs. they get ssr checks and foodstamps and cash it in at the store for buying soda pops. >> but she says cutting food stamps hurts the truly needy, including seniors. >> some people think everyone that draws foodstamps are trying to live off the system, and they are not thinking about people, in my case, that had to. it will hurt them tremendously. >> the u.s. house of representatives voted to cut billions from foodstamp services over the next few years. among those voting yes, the republicans and these countie. >> john terrett is here - there was a lot more to the story than just food stamps. >> i think there is very little doubt low income
a championship on their home field in 95 years. earlier in boston president obama said he takes full responsibility for the problems with, the website for the affordable care act. he said the millions of people who are receiving cancellation notices from health insurance companies will get plans they'll like more. h
. ten years ago for this thim seat john roberts, president bush's nominee, received a voice vote by the senate. today president obama's nominee for the same seat -- the presiding officer: the senator has used one minute. mr. leahy: thank the chair. mr. grassley: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. grassley: i want to show you why this seat doesn't need to be filled. these are the other circuits. the average of those other circuits is 383 caseloads. this circuit, the d.c. circuit, has 149. so workload doesn't demand it. secondly, we're in a situation where this administration has said that if congress won't, i will. he's going to do by executive orders. this is the court that can rule for or against the executive orders of this administration. we need to maintain checks and balances of the government. secondly, each one of these seats costs $1 million, not just a year but every year for the rest of the life of those judges serving full-time. and so that's why i ask you to vote against this cloture motion. mr. leahy: i ask unanimous consent that two m
the redskins name years ago. yet, despite pressure from president obama and other prominent sports figures, washington's owner says he has no plans to change the name. by the way, the 49ers play in washington in just a few weeks. >>> the celebration of the red sox world series win gets out of hand in boston. check out this new video. fans overturning a car after the team's big win. there's got to be a different way to celebrate. boston police say they have arrested nine people overnight. most fans celebrated the right way. some marched over to the marathon finish line the very same placed#q bombs exploded earlier this year, killing three people and injuring more than 200. some chanted boston strong, while others actually kissed the ground. the red sox won the series in six games capping it all off with a 6-1 win over the cardinals last night as the team's third championship in the past ten years, but the first win they have won at fenway park at home since 1918 when babe ruth was playing for them. among the players getting that coveted ring, petaluma's johnny gomes, there he is doing the c
isn't something new, present the last four or five years. what's been notable how president obama has been able to float above that. his numbers have been higher than everyone else's. this poll is the first time we see the weight of all the stories that have been over the past month and a half. the government shutdown, the website's rollout on health care law, allegations of nsa spying have taken a weight on him and put his approval numbers at an all-time low. also as you just mentioned favorable, unfavorable first time, upside down in his presidency, in fact, the time we've been testing him in the poll. >> chris slice arcillizza, appr number down to 42%, bottoming into george bush territory, which was as low as 37 at this point in his presidency midterm. what are the implications for midterm. >> i'm working on this piece. a lot of democrats say who cares what his approval ratings are. he never has to be elected again. that's true. if you go back and look at the history of second term midterms of a president, they almost always bad for his party. there is a reason for that. the only w
obama at the white house. >>> for years, flight attendants have been nagging us to turn off our devices for takeoff and landing. i never did. scientists repeatedly said it was impossible for the signals coming from even a planeful of devices to impact the plane. now the faa says that archaic rule is dead and airlines can allow passengers to use devices during all phases of flight. a small leap for man, a giant leap for common sense. >> i'm going to be tweeting krystal on every plane trip. >> looking forward to that. >>> sports now with me, of course. bean town is still celebrating this afternoon. the boston red sox knocked off the st. louis cardinals. sorry, mom. to take the world series in six games. this is the third title for the sox in just the past decade. before that, the so-called curse of the bambino left them 86 years without a championship. huge night in boston. >>> all right. enough with the red sox. on to another sexy story, the farm bill. okay, maybe sexy is the wrong word. even if you're not a farmer or dressed up as one for halloween, you need to listen to this. the bill
obama has urged the team to change its name. >>> well, happy new year, it's opening night for the warriors. plenty of people around the bay area ready for tonight's sold out game in oakland, but, soon, it could be san francisco. the group warriors on the waterfront is hosting some watch parties this evening. they're in favor of the team's proposal to move back to san francisco to a new waterfront arena. now, if approved, the new arena would be built by 2017. it appears 30 and 32, here are some artist rendering. >>> seems like there is an app for just about everything these days. you may have seen this video on youtube of the ohio state university marching band. well known for putting on elaborate half-time performances. what is their secret. this season for the first time, they're using a special ipad app that makes learning these complicated routines a lot easier. yeah, the students are able to see their music, drill formations and animations right in front of them using that ipod and ipad. >> that's genius. >> pretty good. >> i wish i had that growing up in high school.
seen in the two years of intensity when i was there, i just don't buy it. >> now to the embattled health secretary, kathleen sebelius and her highly anticipated testimony today about obama care and the web site and its failures. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius came with a clear sound-bite length mea culpa. >> i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> she repeatedly fell on her sword about the problem-plagued obama care web site. >> i told the president that we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong. >> reporter: republicans eagerly pointed out that the web site wasn't even working during this 3 1/2 hour hearing. >> it's been down the whole type you've been testifying. >> reporter: democrats were eager to point out the positive. >> women can no longer be charge more than a man for the same coverage. >> reporter: but some worried web site problems are masking all that and want to be sure it will be fixed by the new november 30th deadline. >> do you have full confidence in this new hard date? >> i know th
and a comprehensive voter list more than a year ago. the election commission said it didn't have the time or money. abdullah abdullah and commission hopes the election observers and the afghan people will keep next year's election honest. >>> u.s. president barack obama says he'll take full responsibility for fixing problems associated with the government health care website. the affordable care act is supposed to be one of the key elements of the president's legacy, aiming to provide health insurance to millions who don't have it. the website crashed when it opened this month. people have since struggled to use it. >> israeli forces shot dead a palestine man in the occupied wang. it happened in kabatia thursday morning. the 22-year-old was shot in the chest after a raid on the local vegetable market. >> to an israeli city where tension it dividing some communities. there's a rivalry between the ultimate re orthotox population and moderate residents. fraud allegations of mayoral elections are making the situation worse. >> they are ultra orthodox, living devout and private lines to strict rules. h
private sector employer in the u.s. >> that's right. >> so how is the obama care rollout affecting your employees? >> we've had several years to prepare for it, and the health care benefits we offer our associates already exceeded the minimum requirements substantially exceeded the requirements of the new health care law, so the implementation cost impacted us slightly but they're already built into our base and our people haven't had an impact of it because they have health care offering that exceeded that. >> aren't there a number of i guess they would be part-time associates who would qualify for medicaid because they don't have insurance? >> you know, their part-time status would suggest they have benefits from some other place. many of them, part-time workers, this is a second job. we have a very large group of retired people who work for us as well and then we have a very large group of young people who are still on their parents' benefits. >> one of the things you're doing and getting some notice for is on the spot promotions, going around to different stores aroun
up, heavy up. he wants the held to helicopter. the united states has withdrawn. president obama using that as a campaign talking point over the cost of last year and since then ending the war in iraq, there are no u.s. military there. al pa*eu maliki wants u.s. armor think. briefing, jay carney leaving little doubt that he will get them despite opposition on the hill. >> and is there a sense that there might be some contrition on the part of al maliki? after all, many in congress believe he actually kicked the u.s. out of iraq. >> reporter: that is true that there is a lot of criticism not only of al maliki, but particularly from republicans towards president obama for failing to reach that so-called status of forces agreement. the inevitable acronym being sofa with al maliki. but at this point i think many people are concerned with all the blood and treasure that has been expensed, american blood and treasure in iraq over the course of the last 12 or 11 years, that something must come of it. al maliki has to bring stability there to iraq. and while there will be opposition towards al
for the first time in 5 years, it dropped to 680 billion dollars, both the obama administration and republicans are citing their own cost cutting efforts for the dip in the deficit but economists point to several reasons including a growing economy and higher taxes on wealthy americans. >>> millions of people who use food stamps will see a cut in benefits tomorrow, the agriculture department says the payment for a family of 4 will shrink by 36 dollars a month, that is because a temporary boost from the stimulus bill is expiring. more than 47 million americans receive food stamps. >> time is 5:17, the fda says almost 7% of imported spices were contaminated with salmonella, the fda says more than 80 different types of salmonella were found during a three year period. it also says imported spices were twice as likely as other inspected foods to be contaminated. >> 5:17 is the time, we have sal back this morning. >> welcome back. >> thank you, dave, pam, you know it is good to be back here on my very long thursday and friday week of work but we will get through somehow. the traffic is moving along
gave obama's conservative republican opponent mitt romney 70% have its vote last year. it's been voting for republicans since 1996. they include cleata, a democratic that runs her own charity packing lunches for school kids. she said the hunger here is genuine, made worse by generation of reliance an welfare payments. >> 40-45% have the people don't work with their families. we have a lot of parents on drugs. they get their s.s.i. checks and their food stamps, and they cash it in at the store to buy soda pops. >> she says cutting food stamps would hurt the truly needy, including seen years. >> some people think everybody that draws food stamps are trying to live off the system and they are people that actually in my case actually had to. it's going to hurt them tremendously. >> the u.s. house of representatives voted to cut billions more. among those voting yes, most of the republican congressman who represent the hungriest counties. boonville, kentucky. >> it's time for sport now. >> you'd have to go back nearly a century to see boston red sox fans celebrate a world series at home. wed
. with an 11-year-old and a fourteen-year-old myself any parent would feel lucky to raise their child here. the next he step is when president obama came in he helped to get fund to schools that were struggling the most and based on a model the harlem children zone in new york city was the area we wanted to create an effort we called choice neighborhoods that wanted to take the hope 6 example and take it to the next level. and those two efforts the promised neighborhood and choice neighborhoods are ben this community. over 5 years there was a huge investment to the schools in this neighborhood. i talked to kids this morning and they love their teachers and love to learn and be in sullivan school but when their parents can't get them for a couple of hours after school it's a expensive after school programs that allow them to continue learning after the school day end. they're dealing with the violence around them they can get counseling in school. all of the pieces have come together to make sure that no child's future is determined just by their zip code. and finally the last pie we at hud
. people who work with states and communities to pass measures every year that fund open spaces and build parks. obama where president stance on this. he believes that we have a moral obligation in the next generation to leave our land, our water, and wildlife that are the recount of. -- better than we found it. he launched a program in 2010 that i was pleased to be a part of. carbontrying to cut pollution and slow the effects of climate change. he has used his authority time and again to protect some of the places that americans love the most. in my conversations with the president, he has told me how his visits to national parks with his mom and grandmother shaped him as a young man. he shared that same experience with his daughters at the rim of the grand canyon. a place that was set aside for future generations, even as our country is growing by leaps and bounds. in remarks last year, president certain remarks. he reminded us that conservation is not just about doing nothing, it is about doing something affirmative to make sure that we are passing along these incredible blessings that
.s. h officals 600 iraqis have been killed in violence this year. the president says it's america's interest to step up. he met with joe biden today and president obama tomorrow. >> food stamp cuts happen tomorrow. 23 million households rely on supplemental food aitd. aid. it will take them back to where they were before president obama took office. we learn about the impact of the cuts and more that could follow. >> for two hours each week this food charity is the busiest place in ousle yu.y, kentucky. the income in this county is the lowest in the u.s. >> zblivelt ant the -- and the foodbank is busy at the end of the month. rose works 30 hours a week at a private charity to earn her benefits. under the supplemental aid program. it's commonly known as food stamps. it's just ati assistance until n get back to work and get a job and be financially independent again. >> rose is among a 43 million american that shop for groceries with a benefit card. she will have to stretch her groceries further when it drops too $1.40 a meal. in a place like this you might expect that barack obama'
. one that your current plan might not match even if you like it. >> fast forward three years, that's exactly what is happening. insurance companies are dropping americans all across the country from their health plans. many because policies don't have coverage now required under obama care. democrats trying to calm constituents, call it a good thing. >> if we don't enforce this policy, insurance company can continue offering flimsy coverage that disappears when people actually need it. and no one should want that. >> the hhs secretary struggled to explain. some current plans are no longer available because they're bad for consumers and no longer legal. >> many women are charged 50% more than men. that will be illegal. >> the problem? that's not what people expected when they heard this over and over. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> while republicans are eager to say i will you so, privately democrats are increasingly frustrated and regretful that they left americans with expectations that didn't pan out. in fact, this week the number two house democrat, steny h
in metallic blue with piano black interior and 21-inch tire upgrade. >> it has been five years since america was driven to financial ruin by, well, who can remember all right. let's just say it was obama. pull up the president smiling in front of a poor family. yes. that feels right. the point is, it wasn't the banks. now, a lot of people lost their savings and have had to pay for their retirement with things like reverse mortgages where in exchange for cash now, fred thompson gets your home when you die. and as far as i am aware, he is not legally allowed to kill you to get it sooner. thank you, elizabeth warren. so times are tough, it is true but now we have bounced back, if by "we" i don't mean you, and generally i don't, because since 2009, 95 percent of income gains have gone to the top one percent. so that is just wrong. the one percent should get 99 percent. that adds up to 100. where is the missing four percent? i bet the poor took it, you know they steal. you know, folks, we know there are more takers every day. matchers, who are making off of us makers. >> 60 millions are dependen
far with obama care since that now law was debated as a law for years was highly partisan, probably shouldn't surprise you there. but kathleen sebelius went in like the president and determined to fall on her sword, say she's sorry, it's her fault and it clear despite being told this website was ready to go live, it wasn't. despite all the apologies with regard to the website she said she was flatly denying any sense of wanting to expand the enrollment deadline which is now march 31st to give people time because they can't get on the website. she said no, that's enough time we won't expand that and she flatly said no to any questions about delays the penalty that people would have to pay if they can't get their insurance, of course, everybody under this new law is mandated to have health care insurance. she's saying no way to that as she's admitting that the website still as we speak has serious problems. >> and a lot will depend when they get it fixed and who knows when that will be. they say the end of november. who knows. beyond the website problems she was grilled about people b
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